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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
Thanks Guy, I can see the benefit of reducing your group size for sure but some of the lads I can beat at grouping on range leave me absolutely standing at the gates. So while useful it's not really the end game.

I was give a hard lesson on wind (again) at the weekend, felt like I was chasing it all day while Mr Mark "Magic" Stenton just knocked the over.
If you can't group though, then a smaller target will present a problem. If you can't put a shot inside 15mm at 27.5 yds then you will be missing and hitting due to a random element.

Grouping helps with wind because if you have a 52mm group, it means if you have the wind perfect there's a 50% chance you will miss a 40mm kill (because 52mm is twice the area of a 40mm kill).

FT isn't all one thing. It's a measure of many things put together. But those building blocks have to be established.
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