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At some points over in SA I ignored the clicks and used mildots (for one reason or another). I found that chasing the shift during the day using the mildots rather than the x hairs as a reference point, and then dialling as best I could got me more targets than if I had stuck with the x hairs.

I had serious, serious problems and had to pretty much abandon the dialling system due to the bent barrel. It felt like I was actually shooting in the wrong Competition.......and should have been at the HFT champs instead!

I learned that.........getting too rigidly stuck to your presets for dialling can actually be a disadvantage at times. One has to be flexible and adapt. While posting a mediocre score for the three days all up, I came home very satisfied that attending the SA Worlds had taught me more than I would ever have learned by staying at home within my comfort zone.

This shift issue is all part of the sport, irrespective of brand scope or rifle. Getting to grips with it will be an individual thing, and based upon time with your kit. Chopping and changing could be the worst thing we could do at times. "beware the man with one gun, because he knows how to shoot it" comes to mind.

SA was an extreme case IMHO, for shift. It was hard for us to shoot there, but it would be just as hard for the SA shooters to come here to NZ and adapt. Must say I did like the flatter trajectory out long though!

cheers all.

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