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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Easy fix Dave, take the screw out, wind bell out 1 or 2 revs and drop screw back in, job done.
Same as the old Zieller and many others you can increase the min and max range lengthening the slot.

Should be able to push back the whole lens carrier.
You will have to show me what you mean Jon as the screw is out now. Dropping it back in just restricts the amount of available adjustment to one turn. What I am saying is that in the total available range I get 7 1/2 yds to 45. I can turn the front bell end about half a turn further, but the parallex effect does not change. Its basically a sharp image from 45 yds onwards. What I am trying to say is that I get nice positive parallax points for 30, 35, 40, and 45. For 50 onwards the image is clear at the 45 mark.
I think the front lens needs screwed in so that the minimum distance is 10 yds not 7 1/2. Then hopefully the other end of the range 45 to 55 will start to open out and give different parallex point.
Notice I said hopefully....
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