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Default The extreme

Well it has to be said I thoroughly enjoyed today.

Great course for both hft anf ft, you can tell by the scores it was so easy NOT haahaa.

Massive congratulations have to be given out to the Quarry team for a great day and the ladies in the container who put out the food, superb thought to have food half way around the course, but was hard work trying to sit down after heehee.....

The weather was spot on shining with aa drizzle now and then, but in that open field lots and lots of wind...

It is great to see the 2 codes of shooting hunter field target and field target shooting together aand enjoying each others company. I wish there wasnt so many shoots during the calender otherwise Id be working my little butt off to shoot more National rounds with the UKAHFT. At least Iwill be at Kelmarsh for a great weekend....

Catch up soon all...............

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