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Originally Posted by saddler View Post
I'd guess that their guns are set at 775fps and the +/- 25fps adjustment is more than enough for their needs.
Except that with the stock gun you can't turn it up, only down. So my rifle as delivered was 725fps with a variation from shot to shot of 25fps not adjustment.

Ok I thought, not a problem just wind the hammer in a bit, blank plug. Ok, wind the port out a bit, uhuh it is wound out as far as possible, so it would quite happily wind in taking the rifle down to 670fps, but nothing I could do would get the variation tamed or the velocity upto where I wanted it i.e. 775fps.

That is why I removed the AT and now I have a rifle that performs as expected, but how many other customers have access to the expertise I have after shelling out their 1500?

This was my first experience of AT and made no sense on a purpose designed target rifle.
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