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Originally Posted by DEAN C. View Post
Thats 500 tins!! or a tin a week for 10 years!! If your barrel is still ok then you must be doing something right.

Its also 4k at 8 per tin. I thought I was doing well buying 70 tins recently.

I have a mixture of methods. I use a few felts wet and dry with a pellet behind every 100 or so, and a wet and then dry pull through with my home made pull through once a month or every tin.
It's been my main gun since early 2003, in 2008 I kept a tally on what I used and it was just under 30,000 a tin a week in practice plus 56 shoots in 12 months made that a busy year I've been a bit lax this year and only used about 10,000 but that's been split between two guns.
It shoots as well as it ever has with it printing tiny groups so have never felt the need to change the way I clean it
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