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Originally Posted by Knockedover View Post
With my own steyr to maintain the best accuracy i do one wet pull through and one dry after each comp, so about 50 shots, and then after about every 500 I do a thorough clean and relead with about 30-50pellets to settle it back in Bizarrely this same barrel when new only needed cleaning once every couple of tins but as time wore on its cleaning regime has changed gradually, maybe it's wear or perhaps pellet composition or aa combination of both? It's taken about 250,000ish so it's not an overnight thing

Thats 500 tins!! or a tin a week for 10 years!! If your barrel is still ok then you must be doing something right.

Its also 4k at 8 per tin. I thought I was doing well buying 70 tins recently.

I have a mixture of methods. I use a few felts wet and dry with a pellet behind every 100 or so, and a wet and then dry pull through with my home made pull through once a month or every tin.
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