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I agree with what MR Saddler as said that most of the top shooters in FT have been working and experimenting with their rifles for months and years to find the correct accuracy consistency and how the rifle fits them with aftermarket equipment stocks regs barrels etc. Also shed load of pellet testing what works in their barrels etc.

Also this is probably true to the top HFT shooters who are in the top end of competitions constantly over the past few years in the country. Also all of the above have good shooting abilities and good technique and know their rifles habits inside out and what works for them and what does not.

They all have done lots of testing and their homework and a lot of effort has got them where they are so they will shoot their ftps etc when they know them as well as their old rifles etc This goes for what ever the top shooter shoot Steyr , Walther ,Air Arms FWB etc
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