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Originally Posted by C.Eaton View Post
I would also lay money on the main reason for certain top shots reluctance to switch to the FTP would be that they had to try and compete with the AT & clamp etc. intact, which just isn't feasible at their level where the need to tweak the power slightly depending on temperature is an essential not a luxury.
I'd guess that their guns are set at 775fps and the +/- 25fps adjustment is more than enough for their needs.
They have an existing gun that has been set up and refined over a number of months/years, maybe has an aftermarket stock fitted to it, and they are comfortable with it, and know it's foibles; when it moves in low / high temps and have a pallet full of pellets that suit the barrel.
They will be practicing and practicing with their FTP until they are sure they know it as well as their current gun (they will probably want to use it for at least one winter league) and when they are confident it won't cost them any targets, and is more likely to give them 1 or 2 more, then they will swap to it.

The rest of us will grab a tin of pellets on the way to the plinking range, put a couple of hundred pellets through it, convince ourselves it's w**k, and have it on STB before we've had it a week.
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