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Originally Posted by rich View Post
That may well have been their advice. I have a tenner in my pocket that says, it would have been ignored.
Very true, luckily it's not a difficult job to rip it all out and give the FTP the chance to shine.

I would also lay money on the main reason for certain top shots reluctance to switch to the FTP would be that they had to try and compete with the AT & clamp etc. intact, which just isn't feasible at their level where the need to tweak the power slightly depending on temperature is an essential not a luxury.

All conjecture of course, but knowing the rocky path I've been down over the past 8 months with mine, if I were still stuck at the 725fps +/- 25fps that it arrived with, then the shop would have got the rifle back and I simply would have picked up a fettled EV2 until a nice 2002/8002/9003 turned up.
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