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Originally Posted by Shaun View Post
Dear all BFTA shooters,

the normal method for proposing changes to the shoot rules or the organisation of the BFTA is through your regional committee and then your region will propose the change. This is still encouraged but there is now another way that you can propose change:

There is a 5 person shoot committee consisting of

Mark Bassett
Rob Farnworth
Phil Gee
Andrew Gillott
Shaun Shore

You can suggest change to any of the above via PM, email or conversation at shoots.

They will share your suggestion with the other members of the committee to consider whether the proposal should be submitted to the AGM in November.

Proposals need to clearly show how FT benefits from the change. The committee will assist in structuring the proposal so it meets the rigour required for scrutiny at the AGM.

For example:
Extend the end of season trophies in C grade to 10 from the present 5.
Why - because the proportion of C grade shooters has increased since the introduction of 65% as the threshold for B grade.
Then this becomes a yes/no vote at the AGM
(this proposal has already been agreed for 2016)

So, if you have a good suggestion then please share with one or more of the above.

Please do not use this thread

The deadline for inclusion in the AGM agenda (other than as any other business) is 30th September 2015

my email is =


A few conversations in SEFTA is that once someone leaves C grade there's no way back,
So we can keep the grade for new comers,
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