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Default evolution

Bit off track with the questionable exhaust from an ftp and the various ways of how other manufacturers deal with the same issue but..

if all the manufacturers built the best bc set up which would enable us to combat wind drift etc , wouldnt we just extend target ranges and course build to combat us all coming in with clears ?

Cant we just all enjoy the rifles available to us atm , find what suits us best and experiment on how to put in better scores,

We will all still encounter the same old issues that keeps it fun , gusty wind , range traps , distractions all the good old stuff that will be with us for good

manufacturers will always be making kit within budget restraints so that they can keep their buinesses afloat,
It is a shame that they dont take a bit more notice of feedback from shooters , in fact when was the last time anyone had a feedback form supplied with any kit they purchased ?

Its great to hear from some guys on here that really know their stuff and are passionate about it , but that Is the nature of aftermarket services, it exists in most consumer groups , cosworth , over finch , for cars dont take alot of looking to realise this ,

We need to be better with the kit available , and let choice and evolution get on with it

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