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I think everyone's arguing from the same side here chaps

Originally Posted by Tench View Post
When you see a regged 12ft/lb rifle with a 19" barrel you know straight away that no research into maximising the ballistic coefficient took place!
Why do you say that - do you consider 19" too long or too short? Personally I'd have thought the longer the better (within reason) on a regged rifle; especially in a small calibre..

I'd be interested to hear your thoughts

Originally Posted by Tench View Post

From the lowest to the highest bc we see an increase of about 50%, so a rifle properly developed could out perform the rest of the market by a margin everyone would want!
That's an interesting graph - not seen one of those before!

Is the change in BC not just the result of muzzle velocity variation? There looks to be a fairly strong inverse correlation between the velocity and BC and the higher velocity shots are straying towards the transonic region where the BC of diabolo pellets is known to tank.. plus we all know every pellet has a "favourite" velocity where BC peaks.

Presumably optimising the rifle in the graph above would involve dropping the velocity so that the "sweet spot" occurs at a more favourable value (say 870ft/s) and move the velocity peak further up the fill pressure range to maximise use of the avaialble fill pressure..

I see what you mean though; while it'd be nice for the gun to be properly setup from the factory, I'd never expect a manufacturer to go to such lengths. Let's face it - many couldn't properly balance a reg and striker to save their lives!

Now I know what I'll be doing next time I have a spare afternoon, two chronos and an unregged gun

Originally Posted by Tench View Post
The graph data is not mine but I have been working on this for years and it sickens me that manufacturers tell you what you want to hear but don't go nearly as far as they could with development, its all about money!

I know this thread and some of my comments have been about the FTP but I am now talking about manufacturers in general, we just need one of them to take development seriously to produce a game changer, then the rest will have to follow!
Yeah, agree with this although I simply don't think the money's there for R&D.. with the exception of the high-end European offerings (Steyr, FWB, Walther etc) I suspect R&D budgets within the airgun industry are practically zero..

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