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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
A seal groove does not have to be cut into the stem dia, an external seal like BSA use on all their actions does the job fine without limiting the min stem dia.

Yes I bet FTP owners are really glad AA saved a few pennies by not fitting a valve stem seal and put the money towards expensively shaping the block so it looked like a new action instead of a Mk5 EV and the manufacture and fitting of that lovely shroud!

Don't give them any sympathy for saving a quid on a stem seal when they inflated the price with machining and parts that do nothing for the rifle that most people have discarded!

Makes you wonder if they consulted anyone with shooting knowledge during the design process?
A valid point about the external seal, although this would certainly add more cost and complexity IMO.. and I stand by my point about consistency

As much as I generally like AA products I agree wholeheartedly with your other points though - yes, the FTP does largely seem to be an EV2 in a new frock - very little internal appears to have changed significantly since since the RN10 was introduced nearly 20yrs ago..

.. and yes, the shroud setup is a bit of a lashup (both functionally and aesthetically IMO) and totally unnecessary I think - the fact that there are still target guns available that don't have floating barrels smacks of a fundamental lack of understanding on the part of the manufactureres IMO.
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