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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I have both and would never go back to a Big Nikko again. The Sightron takes about a year to start to learn properly but if you do enough testing on the plinking range before a comp you'll be aware of both what the scope and gun are doing.

I prefer it because the gaps are bigger and it's "snapper" than the Nikko.
I use a Sightron SIII with the mil-hash reticle and it is one of the best scopes I've ever used for FT. My old x40 comp. was probably the best for pure range-finding but was let down by that whisker thin reticle in woods.
The x60 March is probably the next best scope, but then it's not worth triple the money imo.
The SIII has the complete package for the money.
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