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Originally Posted by NeilM View Post
Yes, you had.

The muzzle brake on the FTP is a completely separate unit to the barrel shroud. You can take the should off and then refit the brake and it will still do its job.

The shroud itself is actually two tubes, one that fits into a recess at the back of the muzzle brake and into a recess in the figure eight, held with O rings either end, and the second that fits between the figure eight and the breech, again with O rings. At the breech, there is nowhere for air to pass, because that is where the barrel is fixed into the action.
Had I even stopped to think as he was giving his explanation I would have realised what a pile of pooh it was as I had already stripped it all off to free float the barrel and obviously seen how it was made. At the moment I am quite happy to go to the top or maybe the bottom of the numpty class.
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