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1. chris cheyne (open)
2. Mick Boswell (open)
3. Stew Powell (Recoiling
4 ken Pothecary (open)
5 stuart james (open)
6 dan McMahon (open)
7 Jason bressinton (open)
8.Kev Clarke (open)
9.Pete Sparkes (open)
10. Ian Newman (open)
11. Eileen Merry (open)
12. Stuart Hill
13 Darrin Lynn (open)
14 John Holder (open)
15 Lee Malpass (open)
16. Clive Evans (Open)
17. Chris Pritchard (Open)
18. Matt Pritchard (Open)
19. Andy Dickson (Open)
20. Nick Yates (Open)
21 Dave Hemmings
22 Sam Hemmings
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