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Originally Posted by Sake-San View Post
Thanks for this, I am assuming that you have the new FT model with the parallax coming down to 9 yards?
No, mine is the plain SIII SS 10-50X60 LRIRMOA with the MOA2 reticle...

The specs on this scope call for a parallax from 13 y to infinity...I called the factory asking for the possibility of having it re-parallaxed from 8 yards up before I ordered it from a dealer in the USA.
The shop technician told me that I needed to send them the scope when I got, at the time they were not customizing scopes prior to delivery. He was very emphatic about checking the parallax on my scope before sending it back to the custom shop because all of the S III scopes he had seen until then (Summer last year) focused from under 10 yards up... This proved true, mine comes down to 9 yards very clear...


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