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What about between 50 and 55? is it easy enough to differentiate between say 51 and 53 yards?

The bushy is still an excellent scope - upto 50 yards I'm totally confident with the range it comes up with and it's very repeatable and I've never found it to change in any temperature I've shot in with it (from around 0 upto around 30 degrees C).

It's good in the dark, never whites out and I've shot on lanes with people with Big Nikko's where they couldn't even see the target let alone range find it and I had no problems at all with the Bushy.

The only thing I'm not sure about is it's ranging ability between 50 and 55 (I say it's ability, but it might be a combination of it's ability and my eyesight which isn't quite as good as it was a few years ago).

The gap size isn't the issue with the bushnell, although it's only 2.3mm gap between 50 and 55, that's still enough for me to tell the difference between 51 and 52 yards. The problem is that with only 32x mag, I can sometimes misrange a 52 yarder as a 55 yarder. Not a huge problem but sometimes enough to miss high and I reckon I probably missed 10 targets in Lithuania by making that mistake.

Calps doesn't use a sunshade on his Nikko - the reason isn't weight so much as he doesn't want that big side profile when he's taking a stander in the wind. I could potentially make a light weight retractable sunshade for the Sightron if I went down that route.
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