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What's the issue with temperature sensitivity?

I'm seriously considering a Sightron as a replacement for my bent bushnell.

Speaking to people like John Costello, he says that he hasn't noticed any temperature shift at all with his Sightron (and bare in mind that he's won a World Championships with his and also is the only person to clear a course at Euskadi using one).

Is anyone really having temperature shift or is it a case of perhaps some less experienced shooters claiming temperature shift because they're either - a) lacking in talent and using it as an excuse Or b) not very experienced at rangefinding and looking for detail in the wrong places?

How well do they cope with dark woodland, and how well do they cope with whiteout/sun from directly in front etc.

I'll probably try to find one 2nd hand (because I'm tight) but I think the only ret I would avoid would be the MD.

MOA and MDH look fine to me (coming from a 30/30 ret, any additional aimpoints are a bonus but I don't like a ret that's too cluttered)
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