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Hi, it was not my barrel, just a job I did for someone, they were pleased with the results!
the problem we are up against these days is most of the gun manufacturers are now run by accountants who know nothing about the product! Originally manufacturing companies would have been started by gunsmiths who had passion and enthusiasm for what they were making, sadly as things move on the founders ethic is lost and new owners priorities change! It seems nowadays they just want your money, when they have it their job is done!

Quality these days is probably measured in how many returns for rework they get rather than excellence of design performance and accuracy!

Who mentioned design? don't start me off on that one! Another major flaw these days is rifles are designed on computer, or should I say drawn, the components are made and the rifle assembled, if it works it goes out the door! The manufacturer will spin you a load of bull about development and testing when in reality the moment it works it is in the shops because doing it any other way is less profitable, and as we experience all too often the word "works" has a different meaning to them and us!

I will stop there or this will be a very long post!!
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