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Originally Posted by what barn door View Post
Hi Cloverleaf, I have re-read this thread several times and admit that I may have missed the odd bit of information somewhere along the way, but. Have you contacted Tench (Simon) to ask about getting the muzzel re-cut?

As he stated in his post, your current one will cause poor consistancy at best, getting it re-cut may not be that expensive and might get your gun to the required and expected standard.

I hope you get it sorted out mate.
Thanks - as good as Tench's re-crowning effort appears to be, I'm afraid I'm not prepared to chuck any more time and money at this gun.. either it gets sorted by the wholesaler and gets sold working in the state it should, or it gets sold as a project / box of bits. Sick of wasting time and money on it tbh...

Originally Posted by fireblade View Post
Hw barrels have always been hit and miss in quality for the last 40 years ive known them, some good some bad.
When companies make their own, they dont usually throw anything away as its lost profit.
Thanks - it's great to hear from someone whose had similar experience to myself! I think you're probably right about the level of rejects too. Sadly, if their other products are anything to go by HW quality certainly isn't getting better as time marches on
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