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I'm really not talking about groups on paper on a range.

Groups will give an indication of technique ( and kit ) and ability to repeat good technique. I know that people who can group superbly on the range may go around a course and score poorly, because they don't shoot well under pressure or can't judge wind when it's coming from different directions etc.

If you can group very well on the range you then have to learn to take that technique repeatability onto a course under pressure and be able to judge wind at various angles, and be able to range with your scope in different light conditions etc.

I'm pretty sure if someone's best effort on the range is 10 shots 4 inches at 55 yards they don't clear many courses.

Would it be better if I used the phrase 'ability to shoot accurately on a course'?

I had to read that last sentence a dozen times before I got it.

It's easier with some quotation marks ...

It's all in the mind , put "can't" in your pocket and pull out "Try". ( sorry ).

The best bit of advice I ever had was to not concentrate on the target or worry about whether it will go down or not ... but just concentrate on getting the technique right and the pellet out of the end of the barrel. Nowt do with me after that.

Anyway ... thanks again for all the info that has been fed back re the worlds and the answers to any questions.

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