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Default Tight groups

Tight groups do not always bring results!
You can shoot 5pence groups all day long at 55yds , it does not mean you will hit 40mm kills when you need to.
All groups do is promote self confidence in pellets , rifle and self nothing else.
I know shooters that fear standing lanes before they even get to them and it has a massive effect on their results.
Put them on cardboard at 55 yds and their mega.
I now approach disaplines with an attitude that if I wait and deliver the correct shot they will fall and my results are improving.
Most people will drill a ragged hole at 25 yds but put a steel plate with a 15 mm hole in it and the thought process will change. I shoot most shots on 25 mag long standers on 10/15mag but on the 15mm targets I often leave it on 40mag, same shot just a different approach.
It's all in the mind , put can't in your pocket and pull out Try.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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