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Originally Posted by Yorkshiretea View Post
I'm not so sure this is true and the fact that you can group on the range doesn't mean it's transferable to a course.

Maybe I'm wrong. Just my way of thinking. I'm talking about course groupings ... range grouping is easy in comparison. So my group examples are on the course with terrain slightly different, turning through angles of the wind and with the bum twitching that a squirt of adrenaline brings.

Wind is very rarely a steady constant. It swirls and varies in strength all the time. The good shooters will improve their chances by judging when to take the shot ( maybe wind at it's calmest and they've given allowance for the wind at that calmest ). It's still not possible to get that shot off when that wind is behaving as you want it. If you shoot at a target or paper with some breeze about and shoot at it 10 times. You will see a horizontal spread. Even if you've tried to get the shot off when the wind has been the same. That's why I gave the example of wind possibly adding a touch of lotto with reduced kills at mid ranges. A slightly closer target with a bigger kill but shot kneeling or standing should reduce the wind VARIATION influence ( I think? ) and put more bias on the shooter's ability to group tight in different positions.

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