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I already made a comment re the boys not turning up at local level if the game became too hard.

Mental strength wins virtually all sports. I've seen cricketers with all the talent in the world and on a good deck against mediocre bowling they look fantastic. Put them in a tough situation and their pea sized hearts let them down and they fail.

I have no idea who is mentally strong, or not, in the FT field.

So mental toughness will always be a massive advantage.

I'm really referring to the way it seems that more course setters ( FT [ don't know a lot about that yet ] and HFT ) seem to want to design courses that are going to be difficult to get high scores on. So we see more mini kills, more long range shots ( lane after lane ) and the acrobat shots. On the mini/reducer kill and long range stuff variation in wind can bring a touch of lottery into it.

EG 25mm kill at 40 yards. So you have 12.5mm each way to play with. Shooter's ability at that range in sitting or prone is 15mm edge to edge ( just an example ). So he's within the kill if he gets the wind right and the wind is reasonably steady. If the wind variation adds 15mm he can now miss. He can aim at the same point 10 times, get the shot off well, and some will go down and some won't.

Instead of that 25mm at 40 yards ... it's 40mm at 35 yards ... but kneeling. Shooter's ability kneeling at that range is 25mm edge to edge ( just an example ). Add in that same wind variation of 15mm ( it will be less at 35 yards ... so say it's now 10mm ) and he's still inside the kill each time. All he has to do is get the shot off well and be within his typical ( good shot ) group size for 35 yards kneeling. The variable wind hasn't made it such that some will go down and some won't. The test is can he hold his nerve and get his shot off well ( and he's ranged it right and got the average wind right ).

In the first instance with sitting/prone ... you could get that shot off perfectly but the wind variation has meant that some shooters kill and some shooters miss ... all shooters getting the shot off to the best of their ability ( within their group sizes ).

In the second instance the shooter who has shot within his ability knocks it down and the shooter who gets the shot off wrong misses.

The tighter someone can group at various distances in various stances means they will knock down more targets. If there are more targets with bigger kills at shorter distances but with more positionals ( below a certain distance ) the skill factor is more important than the wind lottery.

I've shot loads of courses, on stillish days, and you know that there are only a few targets on that course that the top shooters will miss ( usually tough positionals ). I've shot HFT courses on stillish days with a top shooter on the lane behind me ... and with 5 lanes to go ... I take a quick look at the 5 targets still to come, and I don't care what the range is or what the kill size is ... if there are no tough positionals I'll bet my house that you can just add 5 points to their score.
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