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Jacks reason for missing the kneeler day one was he didn't concentrate and give it due respect.

The good thing about the worlds is it doesn't matter if the boys are there or not. It's about sorting the best out. So as long as the sport develops to do that there's no issue. Thats a different point of view from the home game Grand Prix series where we have more shooters of mixed abilities, but it was noticeable how the field had strengthened from years past. No more Mickey Mouse gear, 3 FT sidewheels, 1/2 a wind farm hanging off a caddy or 15 tonnes of talc needed for every shot. That seemed to be a thing of the past.

To design a system you have to know what it's is to deliver. You don't do it the other way around. The world champs are there to find one. It's not a popularity contest. Something perhaps UK shooters need to understand, European shooters are quite happy to concentrate on quality not quantity. That's why we have had 3 champions in 6 years from tiny FT countries who have set the standard.
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