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Default I agree but

It's true that the positional shots sort the men from the boys , but would the men have a game to play if the boys don't turn up ?
I think that field target is a mix of strengths , ability to read wind ,ability to deliver a good shot but most of all mental strength .
I think that the best at this game have an abundance of the later and it comes in several forms, cool and quiet , jovial and load , arrogant and self centered and then there's the awesome ones.
Whichever of these the top shots display it all equals self belief , without that you become an also ran.
If you loose focus on a course wether it's a stander or a sitter you'll miss the target.
Look at Mr Evans list of excuses , forgot to give wind ,5 m over range,bad shot,stander bad shot,kneeler bad shot and talked himself out of a high 15 mm target ,that's 6 misses which puts him second with Jack . That's not taking anything from Simons achievement at Lithuania it was awsime but for me Jack has the edge mentally,he would not of given any of those targets any less respect than the others. look at the reaction at the welsh gp when some did not start , some delayed and some just gave up , the cream rose to the top.
I,m convinced that if you have the correct attitude for this game it matters not how many standers and kneelers there are ,you'll succeed .
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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