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Many thanks for answering that. It's very informative and interesting.

I've always said that it is a 3 positional sport ( Same with HFT you just swap sitting for HFT prone ). So I've never understood why it's not just a 3 way split and see who can shoot in those 3 positions.

I suppose the answer I've always given myself is that at local level it would probably put too many people off as scores would dive. People do like high numbers on those cards.

If you had more positionals at the right ranges you wouldn't need as many tiny kills, range or circus shots. It would be more of a test of who can group best in the 3 positions and wind would also be less of a lottery in larger kills ( closer ranges ) so the bias, again, is on the shooter.

It just seems a more 'shooting skill' way rather than loads of range or loads of tiny kills or contortion testing. It's always fascinated me that when it comes to shoot offs in most comps the shoot offs are kneeling and then standing. So you may have just had 1 or 2 or 3 days shooting where the greatest majority of shots are sitting or prone ... and then to see who wins we'll see who can shoot kneeling and standing. Let's see who can do that on the courses ( you'll probably need less shoot offs ).

As for this Worlds, like Rob says, the drift of the scores as you go down the list seems about right. I just noticed that the top 10 are slightly higher than the last few years, and with people saying there were a lot of 15mm and range, it was interesting that the scores were still high.

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