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My misses

Day 1 yellow
46m - forgot to give wind
Stander 33m - over ranged by 5m !
stander 33 ish ? Bad shot

15mm up tree @ 11m - No hope for a fatty
Stander @ 25m - Bad shot
47mm - 60mm of invisible wind!
47m - Wind switched direction!
47m - did not give enough wind, 5 mm short! (Jack missed the same)

50m - under ranged (first lane) by 2.5m, split off 7 edge
Stander @ 32m good shot, wind took pellet!
Stasnder @ 37m, bad shot
Kneeler @ 40m - Bad shot
47m, did not give enough wind

The red target are the ones I should have hit really, or at least got a lot closer to than I did! just not in right frame of mind
3 long sitters on red were all good shots, just in the lottery invisible wind I made the wrong call.

Jack double dinked standers on red course and on green course
I think Berty missed 3 standers on green course.
I think Doz missed at least two standers on green

without dought, standers is what cost Jack the win. I would have rather have seen 6 standers on Yellow and green, there were only 4, with 6 kneelers! Red had 6 standers, 4 kneelers.
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