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Jack missed 4 standers I believe. One kneeler. Not sure if he missed more positionals or rest off bag.

Sergey missed no standers.

Mr Privett didn't miss any standers day 3, think he dinked a kneeler, not sure but he missed a 15 and one of the 45 yd 40mms.

To me there doesn't seem to be a trend it's just a case of there will be something that catches someone out. I wouldn't expect any correlation in the top 10 except perhaps the longer standers.

Ultimately you've got a handful of shots given X wind. Standers long or reduced. Kneelers long or reduced. 15s up to 27.5 yards, 25s up to 38.5 yards and 40s out to 55. You can angle but due to a misinterpretation that wasn't often done, and you could elevate or shield from the wind which wasn't probably done as much as it could be. But ultimately you are repeating the same steps of ranging, reading and sending. The trick isn't the target, the process is the same. It's repeating it more successfully than the next chap. And it would appear that the competition picked several places without shootoffs which I think would have it about right to me.
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