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Originally Posted by mikeygasbag View Post
I've have worked on the inletting of both my HFT500 and my Ultimate Sporter. Both actions were very, very tight in the stock when I bought them. It took a lot of time and patience to rub them down. When I was happy with the results, I glued a thin strip of ribbed bicycle inner tube to the front and back of both stocks. Very happy with the results.

I agree that 775fps is the maximum for the HFT500. Mine shoots very consistently between 765 to 775, but starts to spray pellets like a shotgun at anything over that.

Just relooked at this and the spikes where how the laquer had dried, and i agree there a to tight fit i even sanded the laquer down and its still a a very tight fit those to bits of sponge at the fore end must make things even worse.
I think theres way to much laquer on the inletting of mine.

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