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Originally Posted by Ratinator View Post
Depends really on how good a job he did with the crap kit
If you want a good job, then if you have crap kit then that must involve better skills surely? So there's an element of skill there. But as you've ruled out crap kit there must be an element of skill determining that it's up to the task.

No matter how skilful someone is I don't think it's suggested you should turn up with kit incapable of doing the job. And I don't think any professional work their salt would suggest starting with inadequate gear and then overcoming it with skill.

It's a combination of both kit and skill that enables the task to be completed. Aside from a scope's ability to range right, and a shooter's ability not to make mistakes dialing that in, or (as the world champ didn't for one of his 6), the shooter's ability to shoot the right target to start with, there's also that ability to wobble under pressure, trigger badly in hesitation etc All mistakes we've seen many a skilful shooter make under pressure.

Is it that 15mm's aren't popular with some because they're only down to gear, so when they're missed all the blame lays solely with the shooter? Cripes they must be unique in that respect.

As you say, there's little room for error. Seeing as the kit isn't going to make that error, that must be down to the shooter, and the skill is not allowing that room for error. Not once, twice, but several times, just to check it wasn't a fluke.
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