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Default Quite the opposite

I'm a bit perplexed how having kit setup badly isn't a test of skill though. Having correctly setup gear is part of the skill. You don't see Rossi on a bike where the wheel is loose anymore than you'd see an expert joiner with a chisel as sharp as a desert spoon. If someone turned up to work on your house with crap kit you wouldn't call them skilful would you?[/QUOTE]

Depends really on how good a job he did with the crap kit
I've not had the pleasure of shooting a worlds and I would agree that it's a relief when you've ticked off the 15mm targets in a comp, but for me it's only because there's little room for error on windy days.
Most scopes today will not struggle to repeat themselves below 25 yds so once you know the clicks it's all about left to right.
I shot with a new shooter this year that had nearly 4000 of kit, not learnt the trade yet but looked the part . Nice lad but I would not let the 4000 of tools influence wether I let him fit my bathroom.
About as much use at field target , as a life guard at the Olympic swimming pool.
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