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Originally Posted by Welsh Wizard View Post
I`m a bit think, like Gilly, when it comes to most pc things and I cant work google.
So I copied robs partners ranges, added my own and have asked that clever chap Mr.Samson to upload for further comparison.

I only miss ranged a stander, as I was standing and my 2nd target on day 3 of the green lane (eye not into scope) as far as I am concerned?
Least by any significant margin to cause a miss. I saw most of my strikes and misses and am fairly confident of the scopes range finding abilities.

A quick summery, 25mm standers are a great test at shorter ranges

there were far to many 15 mm shots (mostly past 17 m!)

The number of 45m + targets became tedious at times

The green paint used was horrible. Did not mind Red but they should have white kills.
Hi Simon,

Firstly well done to you and the other welsh lads for doing so well at the ft world's.

I know we have had our differences in the past and this type of comment was the reason for them. Why would you not want to challenge yourself and shoot a smaller kill zone?

I also remember you don't like it to be windy whilst shooting a course?? I personally like it to be as difficult as possible, then every man and his dog is not gutting everything and coming in with 96% and above. Do you not agree?

You can never shoot enough pellets
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