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That spreadsheet i've posted is in meters. You can tell by the lack of 50+s

It's always impressive what shooters can adapt to. We experienced this personally in Hungary when we first saw this style of course, but everyone just knuckles down and starts hitting. That's where a lot of the pressure comes, because the course dial out any fluke factor. You get asked to perform the same trick again, maxed out distances, small kills, combinations etc, over and over, and if you dink there's a whole pack ready to fall on you and hit the one you missed.

Because of the subtle wind I felt like I was shooting 25mm all the way out. In fact the 25mm's i found the easiest, even on standers... it was the 15's and 40's at 52-55 that i got tight. But it's a head thing, Mr Privett felt like he couldn't miss day 3, and the way he looked going about it, that didn't look in doubt. I was more shocked when he missed... but he smashed the positionals away even 2 lanes from the end of yellow like they were 10-20 yds. His technique gave him confidence over the course because it met the test, where as mine felt shaky because it was exposing my faults. Several top shooters commented on how they needed to go back to school regarding standing and kneeling.
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