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Originally Posted by tugg View Post
I shot lane 1 off the left side I thought it more suited the right hand shooter,infact I shot 3 of the 4 kneelers over that weekend off the left side but there you go, when I started hft I soon realized I was getting stuffed on pegs which were not suitable for lefties so I learnt and practice to shoot off both sides of a tree or peg in every position.
I should note whilst I helped Dop and Vinny with course setting I didn't have any input as to where targets were placed on day 1other than the 45yd supersized rat through the bushes .
It is interesting though how it takes one supported stander that can't be taken from the left side to cause such concern , I suggest to all you righty shooters if you havn't already tried ,practice shooting off the other side because it actually offers better support once you get it nailed.
btw I'm in favour of any rules that make for a fair shoot for all.
Does that include the chrono too
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