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I get the feeling this is one of those debates that will go on and on.

Sparky has clarified 2 issues that he was approached over from the day 1 course:

Supported positionals only being shootable from one side.

"Supported positional shots (Standing and Kneeling lanes) must be able to be taken either side of the support and suit all heights, whether it is a post or a tree etc."

High angle elevated shots that can cause discomfort or aggravate injury's:

"Until further notice all elevated shots that are either 15mm, 20mm & 25mm cannot be closer than 20 yards and must have an 18 peg."

Whatever we all think as left / right handed shooters, young, old, injured or fit and healthy he has tried to ensure courses are fair and safe.

As one of the 2 shooters who go around the course to "vet", his statement helps me to try to keep the playing field level, and make the competition about shooting ability and skill, and not flexibility and which shoulder you support the rifle from.
It also clarifies the issue to course setters (the people who give up their time freely so we can enjoy a competitive days sport) so hopefully people wont want to "burn them at the stake" for setting 1 or 2 targets in a course of 30 that they don't like !!

MAD for it.

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I would like to agree with you....but then we would both be wrong !!
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