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I totally agree that there should be a level playing field (no pun intended), in that all participants can shoot to the best of their ability and not be subject to any form of constraint from one sided shots at the peg and nicks, notches etc, this was not the case last weekend and has initiated this debate.

James, I was totally unaware that a similar scenario had occurred last year and was replicated, perhaps more enforced clarification is provided for course setters giving all the opportunity to compete equally.

Bearing in mind the safety aspect, the idea of shooting any target below 8 yards, be it horizontal or vertical is plain stupid and could cause injury to fellow shooters should the pellet rebound. I value my sight.

Also we must also take account of the phenomenon that is the movement of the great ball (Sun) across the sky past any targets, as again happened in the afternoon session, this I understand caused competitors to be shielding the scope whilst trying to find the target and shooting towards the Sun, retina issues abound!!
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