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Some people clearly don’t realise/notice how awkward some targets can be for a LH shooter, a Junior, or those less physically able - until they’re actually shooting with them (or perhaps they simply don’t care).
  • Some trees used for supported standers at Nationals have big notches which have no impact on the average size adult – yet said notch is exactly where a Juniors gun/scope (and Tugg’s) rests against the tree.
  • Others have had notches on one side of the tree which have no impact on a RH shooter, but clearly get in the way of a LH shooter (and vice versa).
  • Steeply elevated, close range targets cause those less physically able than most to be in pain for the rest of the course, and for some the remainder of the weekend, if not longer.
It will always be difficult for National course setters to ensure they cover all eventualities in their attempts to ensure courses are fair to all (including juniors, lefties and the less physically able, etc.), rather than just suitable for the majority - whilst still providing a UKAHFT National standard course.

My concern is, if we don’t adopt a common sense approach and ‘draw a line in the sand’ now, the elevated shots will get more extreme and the enforced supported positional shots more awkward than is needed [maybe this is why Roger and Ian chose to drop them in favour of unsupported standers for the HFT Masters?] – the result being a message to lefties, juniors and those that are physically less able than the majority, which basically says put up or shut up, or choose another sport (such as chess ) simply because they’re in the minority.

Note: whilst the comments in this thread regarding supported shots and steeply elevated close range shots originated following Saturdays course at MAD, my comments are not specific, they’re a general observation having shot many courses over the years with one side only positional supports which did not provide an equal playing field; and after seeing more and more steeply elevated close range shots coming in over the last 2-3 years (obviously they’re also just my personal opinion).
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