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Originally Posted by DaveTV View Post
I'm not keen on the rule change/clarification regarding positional shots, that's a backwards step and a poor decision. It's basically pandering to those that can only shoot (or practice) in one position, which in my opinion is taking some of the challenge and fun out of the sport.

I'm all for only being able to shoot from one side of the peg, tree, post etc, as I would think are the majority of other shooters. I only ever hear the minority complain about that. In regards to the supported stander from which this has arose I actually thought it was a refreshing idea, but failed on execution due to uneven ground.
I don’t think it was just the supported stander where the target was only viewable from the RH side of the tree; there was also a supported kneel/stand lane which was not left handed shooter friendly (as the target could not be seen from the RH side of the tree, all left handed shooters were forced to shoot from the LH side of the tree, which is obviously an unnatural stance for them).

Maybe, as there was one supported lane which enforced an unnatural stance for RH shooters and one supported lane which enforced an unnatural stance for LH shooters, you could reason things were evened out – but is this actually the case.

I.e. if the enforced supported stander only viewable from the RH side was situated at lane # 1 and another target only viewable from the LH side was situated at lane 28; in a countback situation the LH shooter (Tugg for example? Sorry bud ) would have an advantage because lane # 1 would enable a more natural stance for them – and vice versa, if lane # 1 was right handed shooter friendly.

In short - whist I guess left handed peeps are used to being the minority, my preference is for LH and RH shooters to be able to shoot supported lanes from the side of the support they would naturally use if they had the option – then the outcome at supported lanes is not weighted dependent upon whether you’re a lefty or a righty, its simply based on your shooting ability.
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