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One of the things I found most difficult about those 3 courses was the number of targets set between 50 and 55 yards, looking at that spreadsheet I misranged quite a few targets with the Bushy (which doesn't have much gap between 50 and 55).

I definitely got the range wrong on Red T50 - I shot it at 55 and went high (one of the few I saw the pellet strike on)

I'm also a bit surprised by the distance of Yellow T3 and T4 - I shot them at 54yd and 51yd (and missed them both - couldn't see where the pellet went).

I hit Yellow T1 and T2 though and they looked to be about the same ranges with the targets right next to each other. I had them down as T1 as 54 yrds and T2 as 52 yds. (or it might have been the other way round). Got both of those and assumed I'd missed T3 and T4 because of wind.

Hmmm... now my bushy is bent, I think it might be time for a new scope.
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