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I'm not keen on the rule change/clarification regarding positional shots, that's a backwards step and a poor decision. It's basically pandering to those that can only shoot (or practice) in one position, which in my opinion is taking some of the challenge and fun out of the sport.

I'm all for only being able to shoot from one side of the peg, tree, post etc, as I would think are the majority of other shooters. I only ever hear the minority complain about that. In regards to the supported stander from which this has arose I actually thought it was a refreshing idea, but failed on execution due to uneven ground.

There were more serious issues with that particular course, ie, nearly having my feet shot by the peg next to me! And the placement of targets with the sun directly behind them, I like my retinas still attached to my eyeballs personally. Simple mistakes that could have easily been avoided.
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