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Thank you Vinny for agreeing with me common sense rules will make the shooting more enjoyable for all shooters at the peg. HFT is for everyone young and old boys n girls left or right handed shooters and some shooters with disabilities as well etc make it fair at the peg for all were no one is in a back or neck breaking position. At the target end make it hard as you like to confuse and baffle shooters via killzones face plates etc.

lol James (jedi) I have been shooting for a long time mate also Dunfermline as woods as you know so i am ok with elevated shots lol

I think we all can agree i have shot at the worlds past two years both courses fantastic both years and all easy at the peg. I also shot at Rivi this year same great course no problems at the peg it was the wind that caught people out there.

So hope common sense rules the day this will make it more enjoyable for all and the number of competitors will grow not decline more shooters means more competition which is a good thing in my book.

Like most things there will be some teething problems but things will iron out for the better.

All round mister nice guy lol lol lol
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