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Originally Posted by Sparky View Post
No, not when you have majority of competitors asking can we do something about it, we like to think we listen to shooters and do things instantly like we have done in the past.

The MAJORITY of competitors are asking for something to be done? A bit of a sweeping statment isn't it? How many asked and how many competitors are shooting HFT?

While i don't object to the rule, I think it is poorly written and a kneejerk reaction to look as if something is being done.

All this rule will do is cause trouble and fights between competitors and course setters until it is written properly. Asking for common sense is all well and good until someone has lost by a point and then it just goes out of the window....

We want to encourage people to shoot HFT, have more venues more with course setters, but if it looks like a whole load of trouble is likely to come because of the rules then I can see people walking away.
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a bit of a theme emerging here......

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