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To any observers who believe this site has some odd anti-southern-welsh stance, I can clear up that and say there are currently 2 members from that area consistently trying to re-register under different duplicate accounts to use sales/wanted, and each time they are discovered as doing so we will ban their accounts with no further discussion. These two people combined account for almost 50% of the accounts banned from this site permanently.

So, a message to Sam, or whatever else you are calling yourself this week. You were banned from sales originally before with another account but thought you would try and circumvent that by re-registering under a different name. Something you've done several times, each time trying to sell something by one method or another. Each time you have been told the same. You are banned, permanently for such action.

I'm not going to dignify any response to you on email or PM on here as to how we know who you are. You'll be banned permanently every time you repeat this.

If we believe this constant attempts to sell here is a deliberate attempt to defraud we will pass on your information to the relevant authorities and organisations.
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