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Default Unfair treatment

Originally Posted by Conor View Post
After Sam was specifically asked to update his location from UK to his local town he's not done so, instead he added South Wales.
I have asked him/her to update South Wales but he/she hasn't.

Originally he/she said rifle wasn't for sale but now it appears to be on another site but I can't understand why he/she wants to hide his location and not add his/her local club.

Dodgy if you ask me!

I have banned him from sales until he updates his location and he still refuses.
why have the most important messages of mine been deleted is this a personal vendetta of yours, there is nothing wrong with letting members see both sides of the comments , now who is the dodgy one.
I offered anyone to come and see for themselves the rifle in question but the messages that I put explaining my side have been taken off here.
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