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Originally Posted by Tench View Post
The crown on that barrel is shocking!!

I can see burrs overhanging the bore, that will destroy the accuracy! That needs recutting and polishing, It should look like this with a very cleanly defined rifling profile.

Indeed it is! Unfortunately IME it seems to be a pretty common issue.

Thanks for the pic - the crown in your image certainly seems to have been executed to a very high standard - what was the backstory to it being re-crowned - poor accuracy? To what extent did you find that accuracy improved after the work?

Originally Posted by Amac View Post
I have also owned a .177 '100 for a year or so. I must admit that your horror stories have certainly conflicted with my own experience of my ex gun. I free floated the barrel and also fitted the A.T modification kit. As another poster has mentioned, I always found the gun to be excellent with my own best grouping of 8mm at 40 yards indoor. In fact, I probably recorded higher average HFT scores using the HW rather than any of my Steyrs.

It looks to me like you have been unfortunate in buying a rogue gun (well, rogue barrel.) There is nothing more frustrating than discovering you have bought a dud, and it is clear that you have tried everything to improve the guns performance. Simon has provided us with an example image of what a "good" finish to the barrel should like. The image of yours clearly demonstrates that whoever was responsible for making yours was having a bad day.

I might be inclined to part ex the gun, although the fact that you clearly have a conscience will make that difficult!

Anyway, good luck.

Thanks Frank -I appreciate your support!

Despite many people posting evidence that suggests the contrary, my own experiences suggest to me that HW might have a serious QC problem with their barrels. To date I have owned three HW100s - none of which would group at all well. I've owned two earlyish .22 variants that were bought used - the best these managed was about 1-1.5" at 35yd; no matter what I tried.

My current .177 (bought new) is now on its second barrel and won't do any better than the groups I've already posted. Both .177 barrels show(ed) burrs at the muzzle as well as poor internal finish; the .22s apparently had no burrs but the finish looked pretty nasty. All foul(ed) pretty horrendously.

It's a shame because the barrels were intially one of the things that drew me to the guns - specifically the slightly quicker twist rate and (more sensible in my head) six skinny lands in the .22 variant over the more common (and arguably more disruptive) 12-fat-lands usually found in most barrels. Sadly it looks like any benefits these might have brought have been totally destroyed by the barrels' poor quailty.

Tbh I wouldn't really consider a PX - moral obligations aside I suspect I could probably get as much selling the gun complete (and being honest about the problem) as I'd get off a dealer for a "good" one. In addition I've pretty much got all the toys I want so there wouldn't be much I'd want to PX it against.

I do know where there's a Rapid for sale I'd like, however it's grossly over-priced and the dealer apparently can't quite be bothered to respond to my emails, so looks like that possibility's out.

End of the day if the importers sort me out I'll move the gun on at market rate, if not I'll break the hateful thing for bits or list it honestly at a knock-down rate. Sadly this wouldn't be the first time I'd have had to have done this to get rid of a dog - tbh given the amount of shockingly below-par rifles I've seen / owned over the years, I suspect some manufacturers have / had some very poor QC in place.

I'm tempted to try lapping the original barrel, however tbh I'm sick of the sight of the gun and just want to see the back of it - I wish I've never bought the damned thing in the first place. I'm around 800 down and would be lucky to recover half of that if selling in the gun's current state.

You live an learn - if nowt else what I'll personally be taking away from this experience is to never, ever part with money for another HW rifle.. which is a shame, and a lesson I resent costing me three or four hundred quid and a lot of time
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