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Default Lithuania

Well what a great experience with a few hiccups on the way but all in all a great trip,
First I need to say thanks to all the boys that helped me out, Doz for his shoes and tracky bottoms , Simon for the seat , jack and Nick for some bullets , berty for a pellet pouch , and lastly Simon ayers for the jacket ( the mustard marauder) thanks John for my new nickname
Love it , The courses were all a treat to shoot everything for everyone no complaints from me ,Marshaling was a little bit over the top to say the least but more training and more common sense need to be used , they docked me my standing lane , they stood and watched me take them both and we're taking pictures from behind trees and then tapped me on the shoulder and said no score , well shocked was a understatement my foot was clearly behind the line and he told me my trigger finger was over the line 25mm ish he said , and no negotiation, the thing that got me there was no consistency i seen dozens of shooter doing the same as me all round the course but they just looked at what he wanted to my partner on the second day was clearly over the line on the same lane and the Marshall never docked him , oh he was Lithuanian , but I must say they all worked tirelessly over the three days they done a mega job but we're not trained in the use of discretion or sportsmanship,I'm sorry if I affend any one with my comments but that's the way I seen it , on a happier note the crack was mega ( stenton) you need to be on the stage as a impersonator I thought calps was going to wet himself at his impretions, just to end I feel sorry for the boys that lost there guns on the way home , hope it all works out .
Regards Dave
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