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A grade and staying there
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Originally Posted by Conor View Post
Excellent test for flexibility and physical fitness, perhaps not shooting ability!
I failed on flexibility!

I will do full report later as I wrote down ranges to all targets. memory says that the red course 15mm AA rabbit was 11m and very steep.
give you a breif idea, yellow course was 19 targets of 45m (49y) or more plus about 8 x 15mm kills mostly at 18.5m. any 25mm kills at 30 to 33 m lol
4 standers, full at 33 and 38m plus two x 25mm at around 20. cant remember others on yellow but have full course detail in the columbo book!
red course a bit more mixed 6 standers, granny smith apple " green " ( horrible colour to shoot) was back to 4 standers
150 targets needed mostly pump down middle or pick you edge in invisible wind and out of kill, 0 on yellow, 2 red ( had one drift 40mm and one surprise moving 60mm with no idication of any wind!) and X on green on lane 2, the fire break lanes on green.

food nice and cheap. we stayed outside the camp and for a chicken breast meal with chips and poison (salad) it were under 5 euro.
lager about 1.30euro.
it was hard to spend money!
most places you could find someone who spoke english and menus etc were translated.
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